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We do private and group event tours with a minimum of 6 people 7 days a week. Call for details. We do Birthdays & family events.


Underneath the streets and sidewalks of Astoria is a time capsule of history waiting to be discovered. Our guides will take you into Astoria's Underground tunnels while providing entertainment and history. Tour is one hour and walk along clear pathways on one level that is easy for almost all ability levels.

Tours every Saturday afternoon and other times available.

We can accommodate groups of 6-10 people for private bookings. Please call us to discuss times and availability.


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Do & See: "Astoria Underground Tour"
March 20, 2019

Our Coast Magazine

There is no shortage of things to see and do above ground on the Oregon Coast. But what about below ground? That is where the Astoria Underground Tour comes in, sharing the history and mystery of part of the abandoned tunnel system beneath the streets of Astoria.

Safely escorted through a rehabilitated section of the tunnels by guides Chad Gallup and Jeff Daly, the tour provides guests with a glimpse into the history of Astoria and the people who occupied this subterranean maze.

The tour features artifacts and fully restored rooms where people used to live. Add in a little smoke and colorful lights and you have an experience unlike any other in the region. The tours will thrill young and old with plenty of cultural import for the history buffs and a few surprises for young visitors. There are a few spots where you might have to duck your head enroute to discovery, but the tour is largely accessible to almost all explorers.

The tour, which takes about 45 minutes, is complete with historical accounts of the origin and purpose of the tunnels and the role the system played in shaping Astoria. And while most of the tunnels are closed off to the public, proprietor Daly has painstakingly recreated a small section of the original tunnels enhanced with visual effects to provide a unique perspective into a place not often seen and, until recently, largely forgotten.

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At 2:00 a.m. on December 8, 1922, the first shouts of "Fire!" sounded in Astoria's business district. The area was soon engulfed in flames and burned out of control as the city was built of wood and was destroyed with 30 downtown blocks in rubble and an estimated loss of $12,000,000. Astoria was promptly rebuilt after the fire and Commercial Street today remains much the same as it appeared after its 1920s restoration.

And underneath the streets and sidewalks is a time capsule of history waiting to be discovered. Astoria Underground also known as NOOOOOOO explores and surveys underground features for which they have the necessary skills and equipment to discover the long lost 100 year old tunnels. Stories are told that Shanghai tunnels were located beneath Astoria that were used to transport goods and legend has it, people, kidnapping men for forced labour aboard sailing ships. On the academic side, they carry out research into old records with photography as well as talking to elderly residents whose memories are invaluable.

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